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Dear Customer,

Klaveness is proud to announce that our future Web ordering system for all customizable products are now ready to use.
The link on top that you normally follow to FIA WEB, will by the 16:th of February be removed and be replaced by “Customized”.
You can already now find this link in our top banner, and this will lead you to our new ordering solution.
There you can already find a working ordering system for FIA, OAS, OIL and CMF. As well as ordering for individual lasts.
We will continue to improve this solution to reach our goal of giving you as a customer the easiest ordering solution in the market.

To get a good start on our new ordering system Klaveness Footwear is offering all customers 5% off on on CMF, OAS, OIL, ML and MTM that comes through the web in February and March.

Klaveness will hold webinars in local languages for our main markets. All existing users will be invited to these.
You will also be able to view the recordings of our webinars after the actual date.

Please contact your Klaveness sales representative if you have any question related to this, they are more than happy to help you.